The warm weather on the horizon means a brand new crop of young horses will be seeing saddles for the first time. Start your youngster off right with the Colt Starting with Ray Hunt—Master of Communication DVD. Ray Hunt was one of the most effective and well-respected trainers of our time, starting more than 10,000 horses over 30 years. In this 2-disc set, he takes four colts through very important firsts: first saddling, first bridling, first ride, first group ride, and first training exercises. Aside from Ray’s wisdom and philosophy (reason enough to buy this DVD), I particularly appreciated that the DVD shows the training sessions in nearly real time. Unlike other training videos that show you the “before” and “after”—with no indication of what happens in the middle, where the real training is—with this DVD, you get to see the training in action as it happens. I also like that Ray teaches you the why of his actions, and not just the what. Even if you don’t start horses, the lessons imparted here are invaluable for all riders and horsemen.

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