Cowboy DIY: How to Make a Leather Key Fob

Make your own customized leather key fob.

Step 1
Gather your supplies. You’ll need:
• Key fob kit ( offers great deals on leather project kits)
 • Wood or poly mallet
• Leather stamps
• Sponge
• Leather dye and leather sheen (not shown)

Step 2
Dip your sponge in clean water and wring out the excess. Moisten the leather on the grain side with the damp sponge. This will cause the leather to soften, which will allow it to better take the impressions from the stamps

Step 3
With the key fob on a hard surface, place your stamp in location and hit it firmly with the mallet a few times until you get the desired impression (it’s a good idea to test on a piece of scrap leather first). Continue stamping until your design is complete. If the leather dries, re-dampen it.

Step 4
Apply leather dye according to the instructions on the package. Once the dye has dried completely, apply the leather sheen according to the instructions on the package to shine and condition the leather. 

Step 5
Attach the key ring by folding the narrow end of the fob around the ring, inserting the rivet through the two holes and into the cap, and securing the rivet by hitting it a few times with a hammer. 

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