Representatives for the renowned W.T. Waggoner Ranch announced that Stan Kroenke, American businessman, professional sports team owner, and rancher will become the Waggoner’s new owner. This historic transaction will be the first-ever sale of the Waggoner, an approximately 535,000-acre estate which was established in 1849 and spans across six Texas counties and almost 800 square miles. It is currently the largest ranch under one fence in the United States, and includes thousands of cattle, hundreds of horses and oil wells, and 30,000 acres of farmland. 

 “This is an incredible opportunity and an even greater responsibility,” said Mr. Kroenke. “We are honored to assume ownership of the Waggoner—a true Texas and American landmark—and are deeply committed to continuing the proud legacy of W.T. “Tom” Waggoner, his family, and his descendants. Our gratitude to them and to the many parties involved in this process is immense. We will continue to preserve and protect this uniquely American treasure.”

 Bradley Wharton, a representative of the Wharton heirs to the Waggoner Ranch, stated, “Amid an emotional and, at times, trying sale process, we never lost sight of what we wanted in a new owner of this historic property: a keen sense of tradition, a love of the land, and loyalty to the people who work here. Measured by these standards, we are confident that Stan will be a great steward of the Waggoner legacy going forward.”

Helen Biggs Willingham, representing the Biggs heirs, added, “The next chapter in the life of the Waggoner now begins under extraordinarily capable and committed new ownership in the form of Stan Kroenke.”

 Electra Biggs Moulder, namesake of her mother Electra Waggoner Biggs and great aunt Electra Waggoner Wharton, commented, “I am so pleased that the legacy of the Estate is passing to the right man, who has shown a commitment to conservation and the Waggoner way of life.”

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