May Editor’s Pick—The Try by James P. Owen

From The Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership: When cowboys say, ''That cowhand, he''s got try,'' they''re talking about the quality of giving something every ounce of effort you can muster. The TRY is that burning desire to accomplish something, coupled with the belief that you can do it, and the determination to give it 110% effort every day.

Motivational and inspiring, this book articulates how a dozen ordinary people have accomplished extraordinary things by embodying the trait that sets apart good horses and great cowboys: The Try. What is “The Try?” It’s the drive, determination, and focus to relentlessly pursue a goal without ever giving up. James P. Owen (author of Cowboy Ethics and Cowboy Values) believes, “If you’ve got The Try, anything is possible. All it takes…is all you’ve got.” With useful exercises and practical advice, The Try is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their goals while keeping the Cowboy Code in mind.

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