Founded in 1995, the Working Ranch Cowboys Association was designed to promote ranching both nationally and internationally in order to preserve the lifestyle of the working ranch cowboy. But even coming out of the chutes, it was clear to the association that the preservation of the nation’s cowboys would require more than simple recognition. What was also required was the ability to lend a helping hand to ranch cowboys and their families when tragedies struck that threatened their abilities to remain a part of the ranching community.

What resulted from this need was the Working Ranch Cowboy Foundation. Since 2001, the WRCA has worked to support the WRCF, a 501(c)(3) organization that, through its Crisis Fund and Scholarship Fund, can respond to the needs of the ranch cowboy community. While the Crisis Fund provides assistance when tragedy strikes in the form of a horse wreck, wildfires, or even cancer, the Scholarship Fund ensures that this community’s future generations of ranch managers, veterinarians, and doctors will have the opportunity to get the education they deserve.

Throughout each year, the WRCA hosts numerous ranch rodeos to raise funds for and promote the mission of the WRCF. The year culminates in the World Championship Ranch Rodeo, held each November in Amarillo, Texas.

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