Protecting Wood Fencing from Chewing Horses

Many horses chew wood fencing, especially when confined in small areas, and... Read more »

Warning! Colic Ahead!

A discussion on the warning signs that your horse has colic by Dr. Deb M.... Read more »

Horse Country Campers Club Teams Up With APHA Ride America

Horse Country Campers Club is pleased to team up with the American Paint... Read more »

Stay safe during thunderstorms

The best place for your horse during a thunderstorm depends on several... Read more »

Dream Teamers Talk NFR Team Roping Turkey

Williams, Skelton, 
Barnes, Cooper and Brazile 
Discuss Dynasties, Vegas... Read more »

Busting the “lead mare” myth

A study challenges the idea that a single alpha mare directs the movements... Read more »

University of Kentucky Addresses Myths About Horse Hay

To improve our collective knowledge about hay selection, we’ve debunked the... Read more »

Kentucky Horse Council Hosted Large Animal Rescue Training

On Nov. 1, 2014, the Kentucky Horse Council hosted a Large Animal Rescue... Read more »

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