I need to get me an original Western Outlaw: westernhardhat.com! Wear one of these cowboy-styled hardhats, and you won’t look like you’re a walking Q-Tip in one of those bulbous things at the job site. Heck, there’s even a fan-site devoted to this distinctive headgear: cowboyhardhat.net. … Ok, cowboy hardhats are a little silly, but by young son is always crushing my real cowboy hat, so maybe one of these would thwart him.

Meanwhile, the upcoming June/July issue of American Cowboy will have an excellent review of cowboy hats (sorry Western Outlaw—next time). We tested 12 models—from Stetson and Resistol to Greeley Hatworks and Milano Hat Co.—and got some rodeo athletes to weigh in on their favorites, too. Should be a great issue with more fun articles, like a travel feature on the best dude ranches, an exclusive article on America’s last prison rodeo, and a cool Lost Skills column about chuck wagons and more!

Look for it on newsstands by mid May.

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