Were he alive today (trust me, he’s dead), Elvis Presley would be 75 years old. Yes, January 8 was the King’s birthday. He made 29 films in his lifetime, of which three were bona fide Westerns. In fact, Charro (1969) and Flaming Star (1960), were arguably his best dramatic roles. He worked hard towards the end of his career to be taken seriously as an actor and these films had only two Elvis numbers and none respectively. (The enclosed photo is from Charro, a Spaghetti Western rip off.) Even the throwaway Stay Away, Joe (1968) was shot in Sedona, Arizona and portrays a highly unusual Elvis character—a more or less unflattering boozing and womanizing roustabout. Elvis Presley’s cowboy credentials may not be impeccable, but he gave the Western genre his very best—which was pretty darn good.

In honor of the King, here’s a recipe inspired by a man known for his down-home palate (peanut butter & banana sandwiches, anyone?):

The Hound Dog

2 oz. Three-O Tomato Vodka

Top with Bloody Mary mix

Add a few dashes of hot sauce and sliced jalapenos

Mix in a glass filled with ice and garnish with speared peppers

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