Besides the annual PRB event at Madison Square Garden in January, New Yorkers pay scant attention to cowboys or what we stand for. Not that Ralph Lauren does either, but his collection released at Fashion Week drew admiration for being “Wild West-themed” and for capturing “Americana.” That’s beyond my reckoning, but I can say that Lauren is a real presence in Telluride, Colorado, where he has a ranch. He and his wife sponsor the outdoor movie venue during the late-summer Telluride Film Festival, which is well worth attending.

Eric Wilson of the New York Times posted this today:

Howdy, pardners! Why, it’s the eighth and final day of New York Fashion Week and Ralph Lauren got things off to a rip roarin’ start with his Wild West-themed collection. It was all about the fringe — miles and miles of fringe as far as the eye could see — fringe on suede jackets, fringe on patterned cloth bags, fringe on deerskin vests, fringe on a frilly scarf and platinum-beaded fringe for evening.

Of all his expressions of Americana, of all his appropriating its regional and historic garb, the Western motif is really where Mr. Lauren shines. You know it’s going to be a pleasing Ralph Lauren collection when the designer himself is wearing leather pants the color of a fine chestnut filly. For spring, Sheriff Lauren found a plethora of ideas in antique-looking lace, leather, suede and what looked like an old Navajo rug made into handbags, which will probably cost a little more than the rugs you might find lying around the general store of some old ghost town.

Many of his narrow suits were made of leather panels tightly whip-stitched together, and his white poet’s blouses looked artfully wrinkled. Several dresses were made of off-white lace of the kind that, if used as a tablecloth, could be handed down for generations; others, in faded floral cotton, looked as if they were made for “Little House on the Prairie.”

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