From HRTV Equestrian Programming:

HRTV (R), The Network for Horse Sports, will add more diversified weekly equestrian programming to its schedule when it premieres a new series, Cowboy Country, beginning this Wednesday, July 3 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Cowboy Country is a half-hour show that will provide 26 entertaining weeks of programming to HRTV’s slate. On a weekly basis, the show journeys into the heartland of the West through profiles on people and places that live the “Cowboy way.”

The series celebrates the West through its people and places, giving viewers the true flavor of the West in a personal and intimate way. Cowboy Country reflects a lifestyle and culture that’s exciting, interesting and engaging.

Wednesday’s initial show entitled, “Cowboy Humour and Notables,” will give viewers a glimpse of the wide-ranging subjects that will be highlighted each offering. It will feature the humor of cartoonist Ben Crane, famous cowboy John Ware, and a profile of “Women of the Range.”

Upcoming shows will include: “Cowboy Bling and Heritage,” “Cowboy Kitchen,” “Range Rodeo,” “The Dimwood Brothers,” the “Remington Carriage Museum,” and much more.

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