According to David Weber with ABC in Australia, West Australian surfer Sullivan McLeod is hoping to compete in the U.S. as a professional bull rider. The 33-year-old, who has had a smattering of bull riding experience and just recently learned how to ride a horse, will soon be heading to California, where he plans to join the Touring Pro Division.

McLeod says he was inspired to become a bull rider when a real Texas cowboy walked into his family’s bookstore in Margaret River in WA.

He says he is aware of the dangers and he knows what people are saying about him, but will not be stopped.

“I’m planning just to capture a piece of the world which is the bull riding in America. I think it must be an amazing subculture,” he said.

McLeod’s first experience on a bull was two-and-a-half months ago, and he says he stayed on for a couple of seconds.

“It all went pretty quick. It’s just the adrenaline and you’re kind of there and they really do strap your hand in, so it really does feel like there’s no way known you’re ever going to come off,” he said.

McLeod says his next goal is to stay on for eight seconds.

“I think it’s a mental thing. If you’re prepared to really put yourself on and learn and try and stick on, you might get fairly good at it,” he said.

“That’s if you don’t really hurt yourself, which is another possibility.”

McLeod says no amateur has ever tried to join the professional bull riding circuit.

“Which is why everyone thinks I’m just a complete freak. The general reaction from people is you are totally crazy,” he said.

McLeod’s next step is to attend a bull riding school in America.

“They will really go into exactly how you fall and how you have awareness of what’s happening after you fall and how you get out of there,” he said.

McLeod says he does not have life insurance, but is looking to get health coverage.

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