The following is from the Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA). Wildfires are really affecting cowboys in the Panhandle, and they need help.

As you have probably seen, and heard on the news, the fires in Jeff Davis County; around the Alpine and Fort Davis areas, have been severely affected by a massive wildfire. Each year in August, the WRCA, and Competing Ranches, look forward to going to Alpine for the “Big Bend of Texas Ranch Rodeo”. When the weekend arrives the atmosphere in the community is one of family, friends, fellowship, and the good ol’ ranching way of life. The people of Jeff Davis County are hard working and are as tough as the country. The Working Ranch Cowboys Association and Foundation Directors and Staff are praying for the victims and the community of the Big Bend Area.

This morning the WRCA/WRCF office received a call from a WRCA member, and cowboy, wanting to assist the ranchers affected by the fires and asked if it would be okay if we pass his mission on to our supporters and members? The following is his statement…

“Cowboys and Cowgirls of the WRCA family. As you may know the Fort Davis area of Texas has gone through one of the hardest times know to a Rancher. FIRE has destroyed ranches, killed cattle and horses, and has scattered lost cattle for miles. I fill as a fellow cowboy and Christian it is our duty to lend a helping hand to these ranches…and cowboys during this time of need. I am looking for volunteers that know cattle and horses to go down to this country and help gather and sort or what ever may be needed to get these ranches back in order and back to some what of normal life. If you are interested in helping or donating to this cause please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Thank you for your time: Shaun Strickland – WRCA Member


Shaun Strickland (918)277-9717 or email

Other ways to donate to the wildfires…

****The TSCRA (Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers Association) ****

TSCRA has been in contact with the WRCA/WRCF and made mention of the “STAR FUND”, State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund.

In Texas, when disaster strikes, our strength rises to meet the challenge. In just the first quarter of the year, more than 5,200 wildfires across Texas have scorched nearly 1 million acres, destroyed 617 structures and displaced many Texas families.

Even with wildfire season off to a relentless start, the Lone Star State spirit shines on. Through the State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund, or STAR Fund, Texans can help Texans rebuild their lives. The fund was created to collect monetary contributions from private individuals and entities to assist farmers and ranchers in responding to the recovering from an emergency. The STAR Fund may be used to rebuild fences, restore operations, and to pay for other agricultural disaster relief. Now is the time for us to help the families that produce the safest, most abundant and most affordable food supply in the world. Everyday we depend on them; today, we can have them lean on us. To learn more and donate to the “STAR Fund” go to or call (512)475-1615

Texas Department of Agriculture

P.O. Box 12847

Austin, Texas 78711

For more information on details on everything from livestock losses to contact information go to

****Jeff Davis County Relief Fund****

Jeff Davis County Relief Fund, c/o Fort Davis State Bank, P.O. Box 1809, Fort Davis, TX 79734, Acct.# 321028 (write on check)

****Fencing, Hay, Feed Donations – for horses or cattle****

If anyone would like to have his/her donation go to the rebuilding of fences, please note your check for fencing; for those with fencing materials to donate, call Kristen Cavness at (432)386-3402. If anyone has hay or cattle and horse feed, call Logan Boswell at (432)249-0265.

****The Permian Basin Area Foundation****

The Permian Basin Area Foundation also is accepting charitable donations from larger foundations, send to: Jeff Davis County Relief Fund, c/o Permian Basin Area Foundation, 200 N. Loraine, Suite #500, Midland, TX 79701

For more information on the Jeff Davis County Wildfire go to

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