A working cowboy’s rig is incomplete without a rope, and knowing how to tie a honda knot—sometimes called a bowstring knot—should be a skill in every cowboy’s arsenal. The honda knot, used on ropes, forms a small and permanent loop called the “hondo.” The tail end of the lariat is run through the hondo, which forms a sliding loop that’s used to rope stock.

Step 1
Form a loose overhand knot at the end of the rope by making a loop and bringing the working end up through the loop.

Step 2
With the working end, tie a tight overhand knot at the very end of the rope (making another loop from right to left) for a “stopper,” then bring the end back through one side of the overhand knot.

Step 3
When you tighten down the loose overhand knot and pull the stopper knot up tight, you get the hondo.

Step 4
Now feed the main line (the working end), through the honda. If you’re using a nylon rope,  melt the tail end a bit so that it can’t slip out.

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