1) Despite his Western image, in which U.S. state was John Wayne born?

2) What was the name of young Duke’s pet dog?

3) Identify the college that John Wayne attended and the sport he played.

4) Who was the legendary cowboy star who gave Wayne his first job in movies?

5) Identify the first Western Wayne ever appeared in. Hint: He appeared as an extra.

6) Though Wayne gave his full name as “Marion Michael Morrison,” what is his middle name according to his birth certificate?

7) What movie role did Wayne enjoy the most?

8) In what film does Wayne whistle for nearly five minutes before he ever speaks a single line of dialogue?

9) Who presented Wayne with his 1970 Oscar for True Grit?

10) Though Wayne is often recalled as Mr. Republican, what Democratic president did he vote for?

11) Shortly before his passing on June 10, 1979, a hospitalized Wayne was visited in the UCLA Medical Center by what American president?

12) Though John Wayne and Kirk Douglas co-starred together in three films, only one of those films was a Western. Name it.

13) Wayne once claimed that in his life, politics “came third.” Which two concerns rated as first and second?

14) Wayne loaned his famed cowboy hat with an upturned brim to his friend, Sammy Davis, Jr., for what film?

15) The man born Marion Morrison was billed as something other than John Wayne in only one film. Name it, as well as the name that he used.

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1) Iowa 

2) Duke

3) University of Southern California, football

4) Tom Mix

5) The Great K & A Train Robbery (1926)

6) Robert

7) ‘Ethan Edwards’ in The Searchers (1956)

8) The High and the Mighty (1954)

9) Barbra Streisand

10) Franklin D. Roosevelt

11) Jimmy Carter

12) The War Wagon (1966)

13) First, family; second, career

14) Sergeants 3 (1964)

15) Duke Morrison in Words and Music (1929)

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