Work Hats


The finely-woven, yet durable, 200X Sutter straw hat will be your best friend this summer (and many more to come). The vented crown, mesh lining, and genuine leather sweatband keep perspiration out of your eyes, no matter what your activity. The stitched-leather band and buckle set add a dressy final touch. Best for:Trail riding $139, 888-234-5450,


Stetson has been crafting quality hats since 1865. The felt 6X Bar None, made with a blend of wild hare and rabbit, is ideal for cold-weather work and dress. Available in practical colors including blade, silverbelly, and black, it has a sharp self-band and silver buckle set. A tall crown and genuine leather sweatband with satin lining means your head won’t get overheated, whether you’re roping or dancing. Best for: Team roping $209, 888-234-5450,


This handsome 10X Top Hand Crease in bone felt features a bound edge with matching band. Handmade and custom-shaped in Bryan, Texas, by the Catalena family, these hats are as authentic cowboy as you can get. The color makes this a great transitional dress-to-work hat. Best for: The All-Around $200, 800-976-7818,


This versatile straw topper is named after Reata Brannaman, for the hat she wears in real life and in the movie about her father, Buck (2011). Shaped to her specifications and made of Guatemalan standard palm, it has a slightly flexible 4-inch brim that provides good coverage because of the dipped front. A slight back curve prevents it from being knocked off while you’re in the saddle or working; the telescoped 4-inch crown keeps things cool. Best for: Round-ups $53, 800-310-7093,

Casual Hats


Beloved by true cowgirls and celebrities alike, Charlie 1 Horse turns out original hats with authentic Western flair. Southern Girl is a straightforward silverbelly-dyed straw hat on the surface, accented by the iconic horseshoe brand logo, a tooled band, and shallow pinch-front crease. The underside, however, is gussied up with suede turquoise leather inlay overlapped by tooled leather. Best for: Beating out the boys $200, 972-494-0511,


The edgy Felt Floral Tattoo is sure-‘nuff competitor-quality. It’s available in stone, with a black motif on the underside of the 4-inch brim, and a practical low crown. The final touch? A self-band with black and silver buckle set. Best for: Winning the World $400 and up, 888-367-2428,


The straw 5050 has a catchy, two-tone herringbone-pattern that helped make it the brand’s bestseller of 2012. The vented crown provides airflow, and custom shaping allows you to further showcase your personal style (pictured: cowboy crease). Best for: Riding bulls $129, 817-625-6650,


Made with lightweight shantung, the two-tone, unisex Pendleton makes for a great summer-weight hat. A low crown, venting, two-cord band, and 4-inch brim keep you feeling and looking fresh, even in soaring temps.

Best for: Riding fences $80, 800-496-1086,

Dress Hats


This custom-shaped, handmade 1000X felt hat is built to last. Made of specially blended Portuguese beaver and mink (color pictured: natural; also comes in black, silverbelly, silver sand, and pecan), this classic, dignified cowboy hat comes with a 4-inch brim finished with a 14K-gold buckle set on a self band. Best for: Living the legacy $2,500, 817-625-6650,


The granite-hued and versatile 6X Powell is impressively fine-textured. It’s accented with a self band and silver buckle set, and the genuine leather sweatband and satin lining make for a cool, comfortable head…not that you won’t already be feeling your oats wearing this number. Best for: Date night dancing $219, 888-234-5450,


This iconic Roy Rogers hat was hand-shaped by Master Hatter David Johnson in Las Vegas, Nevada. D Bar J specializes in historic hats and beloved classics, like this one in the Texas Torpedo style, with a double telescope gambler top crease. It’s available in 5X to 100X in custom colors and combinations (pictured: granite gray 10X blend with self band, gold and silver buckle set, and bound edge). Best for: Making an entrance $320 and up, 702-430-0681,


This seriously stylish hat is handcrafted by Trent Johnson in Northern Colorado. Ultra-soft, yet sturdy, the Beaver20 in agave doesn’t show dirt and is versatile enough to use for work, dress, or performance. The low crown ensures a snug fit, while the wide, 4 1/2-inch brim is modern and practical. A self band with silver buckle makes for an understated yet classic finish. Best for: Looking like the boss $625, 888-367-2428,

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