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Basic Grilled Baby Back Ribs

It just isn’t summer without ribs, and they don’t get much easier than this.

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Cowboy and Flyboy

Montana rancher Hank Esp learned to fly airplanes in the service and, at 88 years old, he still gets airborne almost every day and horseback any time it’s necessary.

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Top 20 Western Songs of the Last 20 Years

The editors at American Cowboy present their picks for the greatest songs from the last 20 years. From true cowboy tunes to contemporary country, these songs are sure to encourage a trip down memory lane.

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RIP Colonel's Smoking Gun

From Quarter Horse News, press release:

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New Series, Cowboy Country, Premiers

From HRTV Equestrian Programming: HRTV (R), The Network for Horse Sports, will add more diversified weekly equestrian programming to its schedule when it premieres a new series, Cowboy Country, beginning this Wednesday, July 3 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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RURAL RADIO to Launch on SiriusXM

From RURAL RADIO, L.L.C: Sirius XM Radio and RURAL RADIO, L.L.C. today announced the creation of RURAL RADIO, a 24/7 channel devoted to providing a wide variety of programming for and about rural American life, the Western lifestyle, and agribusiness interests.

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Ranch Dog Goes to Hollywood

Gerhardt Orvedahl spent five months at a Veteran’s hospital in Kansas City in 1930 where he was treated for anemia after a horse fell on him during a riding accident. Orvedahl, recovering and in need of companionship, was given a six week old puppy. Just so happened a pup was born in a hole in a haystack on the Cheyenne Indian Reservation north of the Bad Lands near Faith, South Dakota. Tuffy with Fred MacMurray in Trail of the Lonesome Pine

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Once Upon A Home

How often have you driven the back roads and seen an old pioneer homestead and really thought about it. I have been up and down the Continental Divide this spring and I saw many a place lost and forgotten. The structure is still there, but I wonder, is the spirit of the pioneer still with us? Do we still go wander just to see what is over the next hill. Once Upon A Home!

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