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What We’ve Left Behind | Examining Rural Depopulation

Examining rural flight.


Magic Show | The Moments Cowboys Live For

These are the moments we live for.


The Rancher’s Wife

The life of Evelyn Mantle was much like other frontier women’s—hard and lonely, yet rewarding—except hers was in the 20th century.


Great Ranches of the Northern Mountains

From Colorado to the Canadian border, the basins, meadows, and parks of the Rocky Mountains enticed enterprising cattlemen from the start.


Standing Strong | How Rancher John Prather Fought To Keep His Land

John Prather worked hard for his land, and fought even harder to keep it.


6 Rules of Good Cowboy Etiquette

With an emphasis on respect, safety, and plain ol’ good manners, the rules of cowboy etiquette have been handed down through the generations.


Unanimous: July 23, 2022, is National Day of the American Cowboy

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed the 2022 bill designating that the fourth Saturday in July be held in honor and celebration of our greatest icon: The American Cowboy.


Great Ranches of California

The largest and most historic ranches of the Golden State.

As a late July storm threatens, this bronc and his rider put on a show. Moments later, the horse jumped over the arena fence.


Wilder Cowboy Days

Behind the chutes at Cheyenne Frontier Days.


How to tie a Mud Knot

A vaquero tradition.