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Great Ranches of Texas

The largest, most historic ranches of the Lone Star State.

screenshot of John Wayne in Red River


The Top 5 Cattle Drive Movies

Our favorite movies about moving the herd.


NRCHA Approves Cowboy Class to Begin in 2023

The Cowboy Class, which is NRCHA’s newest officially sanctioned division, introduces working ranch cowboys to reined cow horse competition.

American Cowboy Adventures

Great Ranches of the Southwest

The largest, most historic ranches in the Southwest.

Black and white film shot of the Lone Ranger, Tonto, and their movie horses.


5 Favorite Silver Screen Horses

These favorite horses are Western cinema classics.


History of the Texas Ranger Badge

The iconic Texas Ranger badge was, and is, one of the most respected symbols in the West.


The History of the Vaquero

Rooted in necessity and shaped by the land, the Mexican cowboy tradition influenced the origin of cowboys.

illustration depicted the houlihan thow


Cowboy Up: Houlihan Throw

Useful for long-distance catches, the houlihan is a swing that every working cowboy should know.

Two red Angus mama cows with their calves in a field


5 Best Breeds of Beef Cattle

Angus cattle top the list. Who follows?

Illustration of a man looking inside a horse's mouth with inset drawings showing the four age markers.


4 Ways to Age a Horse by His Teeth

No papers? No problem. Use these four markers to age a horse by the condition of his teeth.