Sleeping under the stars is a lot more comfortable when you bed down with a cowboy bedroll.

Lay the canvas tarp out with the snaps and rings facing down. Place the mattress so that the center of the foot of the mattress is at the center point of the canvas. Make up the mattress with whatever bedding you desire. We recommend a fitted sheet, flat sheet, wool blanket, and pillow.

Starting at the bottom of the tarp, fold the tarp in half over the mattress and bedding so that its top and bottom edges are as close to even as possible. Paying attention to where the snaps and D-rings are on your tarp, fold the left and right edges of the tarp in thirds over the mattress. Depending on your tarp style, your edges might meet in the middle or overlap.  Attach snaps to D-rings.

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Fold the top of your tarp down so that the snaps align with the D-rings. Attach snaps to D-rings.

Starting from the pillow end, roll your bed. Tie the bedroll up with straps.

truck pulling tailer loaded with canvas cowboy bedrolls

Where to purchase a cowboy bedroll

Looking to pack up and hit the trail? These outfitters carry quality bedrolls:

Big Bend Saddlery

J Bar D Canvas and Leather

J.M. Capriola Co.

Smith and Edwards Co.

Top image: “Tying the bedroll. Bunk of the cowboy on the range. Cattle ranch near Marfa, Texas” by Russell Lee, 1939; Courtesy Library of Congress Image Archives

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